Mind and Brain Inc.
Neuro Psychological Evaluation

Neuropsychological, Psychological and Educational  Evaluations for Children and Families

Our staff provides the ultimate in quality of care. Services include comprehensive psychological evaluations, educational assessments, and consultation. All age ranges are treated, and concerns frequently addressed include adolescent behavioral problems, academic difficulties, relationship stressors, anxiety, depression, ADHD evaluation, parenting concerns, and stress management. The mission of Mind Brian Inc is to provide the highest degree of effective holistic care to individuals and families, while utilizing novel therapies including therapies that utilize neuroplasticity while maintianing a genuinely caring approach. All evaluations are provided by our network of licensed Clinicians and Therapists.

Testing (3 years to adult).


Educational or School Readiness


Neuropsychological Testing 
Neuropsychological testing is completed to rule out specific or acquired concerns and to unveil cognitive strengths and weaknesses with the intent to improve cognition and learning through recommended strategies and programs. A neuropsychological evaluation evaluates learning, memory, working memory, processing speed, visual spatial, language, sensory motor, gross motor, attention executive function, and intelligence. Neuropsychological testing is often used to diagnose ADHD and Autism.

Educational Testing
When preschool/school performance is problematic, school readiness/educational testing is recommended in addition to neuropsychological testing to determine susceptibility for or existence of specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, disorder of written expression (dysgraphia and disorder of oral expression (aphasia). In addition, testing is also a recommendation from year to year. Educational Testing evaluates pre-reading/reading, vocabulary, math, listening comprehension, written expression and oral expression. School readiness testing usually involves both factual and conceptual knowledge need to attain academic success. When there is a question regarding to what extent emotions/behaviors are contributing to learning difficulties, this form of testing is often performed. In a school setting psychological testing may include components of neuropsychological testing and educational testing.

Psychological Testing
Psychological Testing offers very rich and detailed information that is needed to treat affective and behavioral concerns as well as to diagnose disorders in these areas. Area of psychological assessment can include self-perception, esteem, coping skills, affect, such as anxiety and depression and whether, emotions are long held or situation based.